Sary Moussa | Lebanese composer | soundscapes of his childhood

Lebanese composer Sary Moussa


‘Imbalance’ is Moussa’s first release since 2014’s ‘Issrar’

Lebanese composer Sary Moussa debuts on Nico Jaar’s Other People with a hauntingly wistful synthetic sound comparable to a more melancholic Emptyset or Sote work.

Sary Moussa - imbalance‘Imbalance’ is Moussa’s first release since 2014’s ‘Issrar’, delivered under his Radiokvm alias. It take cues from a nostalgic reminiscence on his childhood, from “the echoes of political unrest, to Greek-Catholic chants, and the quiet nights of a secluded Southern village” for a carefully expressive sound that channels his skills in sound design and composition for theatre and dance, short films, and museum installations.

‘Imbalance’ is effectively a smart lesson in speaking your own sonic language. Using a singularly stripped down palette, Moussa teases his tones into amorphous melodic shapes and curdled harmonic colours with the poetically lyrical touch of, say, Rashad Becker, Emptyset at their most low key and brooding, or the hypnotic minimalist dissonance of Chained Library’s Co-Habitant and Eliza B.C, but ultimately coming closest to the intricate, xenharmonic craft and electro-acoustic magick of Sote’s ‘Parallel Persia’.

Sary Moussa - In Praise of Shadows

Sary Moussa - In Praise of ShadowsSary Moussa is an electronic musician who has been active in the Beirut underground scene since 2008. He released his first full-length album Issrar in October of 2014 under the moniker radiokvm.

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Sary Moussa - In Praise of Shadows