Le Pavé - Bluetooth Speaker

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away"

Le Pavé - The Concrete Bluetooth Speaker made in France

Le Pavé

Producing Le Pavé in the center of the city.

Le Pavé concrete bluetooth speakerRight from the start, the Le Pavé speaker was radically engineered to offer unique design and ergonomics. Inspired by the Bauhaus, our team had at the heart of its approach the principle of functionality: return to the essence of the object and take its function as guiding principle.

Since the 1970s and 1980s, as we know, French industry has been strongly relocated, with the consequence of a significant loss of knowledge and skills in the area. The direct impact of this phenomenon has been a loss of control over all aspects of production: product quality, desired production volume, working conditions, environmental impact, etc.
When we decided to industrialize our concrete enclosure, we opted to produce it in the center of the city of Paris.

Le Pavé: A unique authenticity

Le Pavé making off

Each part of  "Le Pavé" must serve one primary function: to restore quality acoustics. We therefore chose to use a material never before applied for bluetooth speakers: fiber concrete.

Thanks to its properties, it offers a unique resistance to sound waves within the resonance box of the loudspeaker and thus allows the reproduction of authentic acoustics.

"The sound is no longer influenced by the material but on the contrary it is the choice of the material which is influenced by the desired acoustics."

The French Connection

In order to have a loudspeaker of superior quality and which fits in the lines of our speaker, we decided to co-realize the acoustic technology with Audax, a historic French player in the manufacture of loudspeaker with a rich history in technological innovation. It quickly became obvious that if our design was French, our manufacturing should be too. This is why we manufacture each of our speakers in our workshop in Paris with French components and we are proud today to contribute to the revival of the tricolor industry.


Audax HT080 LPP Broadband Speaker

• Sensitivity 86dB •
Rated power: 20W
Maximum power: 40W
Frequency: 80Hz
Weight HP: 0.5kg
Magnet type: Ferrite Ø56.2 mm
Speaker type: Broadband - Cone speaker